Glass has played a pivotal role in humans? quest of discovery of outer space – From early telescope designs to the creation of the Apollo Lunar Module. From the development of the re-entry module heat resistant outer layer, to the custom made windows in space shuttles, glass has enabled our increased understanding of and interactions with space in fundamental ways.

National Science week 2019 theme is Destination Moon: More Missions, More Science

Ngaio?s interdisciplinary arts practice encompasses site specific installation, performance, video and recently work with astrophotographer Matt James to film and photograph the moon. With a background in environmentally sustainable architecture informing her practice, she is particularly interested in ways in which art can be used to draw attention to climate change and the human desire to mine and colonise the moon.

 ?We live in a Post-Truth and now indisputably warming world. Science gives us hard data, politicians procrastinate and economists advocate infinite fiscal growth, all within a planet of finite resources and finely balanced ecosystems. Artists are the new philosophers and have the rare ability to work independently of vested interests drawing attention to one of the greatest existential threats of our time.

 Ngaio Fitzpatrick, 2018

The moon through the lens

5pm Thursday 15 August

Contemporary Glass Artist Ngaio Fitzpatrick has been working alongside Matt James, an astrophotographer based in Burra documenting and filming the moon through a massive telescope. Raw edits of this footage will be shown on a screen in the Hotshop and Ngaio will also be doing a 30 – 45 minute talk discussing the main topics of her research.

Glass blowing Demo: A space shuttle

5:30pm Thursday 15 August
Live Glass blowing demo

A professional team of accomplished glass artists will re-create a space shuttle in glass at the Canberra Glassworks during a super exciting and fun live Hotshop demonstration. Patrick Helean, the Coordinator for Questacon Learning Programs and an old friend of the Canberra Glassworks will provide an interactive lecture and discussion of the pivotal role of glass in developing the equipment that have made space discovery and travel a reality.

Glass Moon and Space Shuttle Installation

Friday 16 August to Sunday 18 August
Installation in Hotshop

The space shuttle will complete its annealing on Friday, 16 August. The technical team at Canberra Glassworks will create an installation in the Hotshop of the Glass Moon and the Space Shuttle. Audiences are welcome to appreciate the installation until Sunday.

Destination Moon: Make Your Own glass Moon tile

Saturday 17 August
25 min sessions

Get hands on with glass this National Science Week at Canberra Glassworks. Design and create
your own glass Moon tiles using tekta, coloured glass, frit and powders.

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